Weathered by the Storm

Antiques in the garden

Our commitment to sustainable materials, led us to the world of garden antiques and we quickly got hooked. 

Antiques add intrigue to a garden. They have a look; like they’ve travelled at least one ocean to find you, and all that guile and mystery has come with them.


The blemishes left by the relentless march of the seasons, only adds to their charm and earns them a similar rank in the garden hierarchy, to an established tree.  Providing stature to contrast with fresh growth and fledgling birdlife.

A garden with antiques blended into the planting, will feel timeless. Carrying the ideas of previous generations and subtly reminding us of the traditions we are part of. 

As we place artefacts from those generations around us in the garden, we accept the influence of time and make an investment in history.

We should also think of the influence of recent time on our landscape and how it has changed from its wild origin. What has been lost and what needs to be restored?

Contemplating this prevents us from cluttering the natural features of the garden with too many things.

Antiques are the perfect tribute to celebrate the natural, glorious spectacle of plants.


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