Garden services

We offer an end to end creative service, from initial consultation, to design, build, planting and the sourcing of materials and antiques.


The design of an outside space is a process of collaboration between the property owners, the designer and the natural setting. Every location will impose some discipline on the design and our process is structured around three levels, to allow flexibility on budget and requirements.


ideas - 1 (1)

An informal process that involves an interactive consultation in the garden and a response to the brief that gives you some ideas, sketches and mood boards.


Draft outline

A similar agile, creative, process but with a more detailed level of design. The final output is a master plan of the garden layout drawn to scale, in functional detail.  


detail - 1

A colour rendered master layout and planting plan, with  perspective illustrations or a 3D model of the key features, levels and construction profiles. 

We create a menu of options that allows you to choose the level of detail you require for your brief.


We augment our own craftspeople with a carefully selected network of local partners. Our shared philosophy is a resource-led approach and we will work with what is durable in your garden, as well as sourcing local sustainable and reclaimed materials. This approach, whilst being good for the planet, brings a unique character and sense of place to your garden.  


We project manage the whole process for you, from clearance to finish. We source sustainable and  reclaimed materials, deliver the timber work and soft landscaping and assemble a team from our network to deliver other bespoke features.  You receive weekly reports and project tracking.


If you have appointed a landscaping firm to deliver a Feraland design, we offer a monitoring service to ensure the design is realised. This includes briefing and ongoing liaison with your landscaping team and regular site visits to ensure the design is being executed in detail.


Carefully selected nursery partners provide us with ethically grown plants chosen to balance each-other and support and restore wildlife. We see every wall, roof, nook and cranny as an opportunity for a plant, to create a feeling of abundance, even in the smallest space.  Again we offer three levels of service in this step to suit your individual requirements. 

plant design - 4


We discuss the plants of your favourite wild places and the trees, shrubs and flowers that will thrive in your location and support wildlife. We create a style mood board and a palate of plants for you to work with in your own time.

plant design - 1


For the intricate layers and combinations that add the detail and biodiversity to the garden; we create a planting plan; showing layout schemes, the division of planting zones and a schedule of plants with costs.

plant design - 2


After all that, comes the reward of introducing new plants into the soil. We will deliver, mark out and plant all the plants in the exact location of the plan and set them on their way for a long, happy life in your garden. 


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