Homes in the Wild

Our philosophy

Landscape design is an ambient art form, inspired by the sensory experience of nature.

Every design is an attempt to capture and intensify, the magic of wild landscapes. 

The pictures in this post are from Angkor Wat, a 12th Century Hindu-Buddist temple, in Cambodia. It was time spent here and in other lost cities, that inspired our design concept; Homes in the wild.

It captures the essence of what we aim to create and embodies our attitude towards working with nature.

These crumbing temples and their settlements, have become beautifully blended into the natural surroundings. At one time they were completely enveloped by the jungle. The spaces carved out by the architecture still remain, but nature has reclaimed every other nook and cranny.

The result, is a harmonious blend of human culture, with nature’s binding and boundless creativity. It is a breathtaking sight and as you walk around, you are affected by a serene sense of harmony.

It’s an atmosphere that stays with you. You continue to notice it elsewhere, in more humble settings. An old building, a disused rail track or a garden wall, where soft tentacles encroach onto the hard structures, that once marked a boundary they did not cross.

It reminds us that we can’t always resist what nature will do and nor should we try. The art of garden design is collaboration and knowing how to yield. 

A garden is not a truly wild place, it can’t be, but it is a place where we get to blend our own homes with nature.

Using materials that have grown near by, planting combinations that support wildlife, adding water and trees, looking after your soil and growing your own food. 

Human design in collaboration with wildness, is an opportunity to create something intensely beautiful.

A garden is where we reflect our personal relationship to life. It is a place where we can attempt to mimic and magnify the ambience of our favourite wild places and put our home right in the middle of them.

When you wander into a wild place, you feel it; a holistic, sensory ambush, that draws a memory from your bones. A garden, a home in the wild, is a place where that memory can become a tangible sense of participation.


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