Resource-led Design

Sustainable and durable Working with the materials that are locally available and sustainable, is a win-win. It’s good for the planet and it will look and feel like it belongs in your garden – creating a sense of place and a connection to the land. Here are some examples of locally sourced materials that we’ve […]

Homes in the Wild

Our philosophy Landscape design is an ambient art form, inspired by the sensory experience of nature. Every design is an attempt to capture and intensify, the magic of wild landscapes.  The pictures in this post are from Angkor Wat, a 12th Century Hindu-Buddist temple, in Cambodia. It was time spent here and in other lost […]

The Garden Model

Being clear before construction begins A 3D model is a worthwhile and satisfying step in the design process. It creates a clear vision of the garden plan and allows you to look out through miniature windows of your house, to see how the design feels from important angles.   It creates clarity between all parties […]

Weathered by the Storm

English, 19th Century, cast iron bust

Antiques in the garden Our commitment to sustainable materials, led us to the world of garden antiques and we quickly got hooked.  Antiques add intrigue to a garden. They have a look; like they’ve travelled at least one ocean to find you, and all that guile and mystery has come with them. The blemishes left by the relentless […]


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