Wild play and family relaxation A journey through an abundant natural landscape, where you seemingly happen upon charming and practical, open spaces, that feel like hidden gems of the local countryside. The landscape can be enjoyed as a whole from the vantage point of the terrace or the 1st floor balcony, or explored at ground level […]

Moon garden

Inviting wildness back in This design is an invitation to nature to resurface in this neglected and suppressed plot of land, once a pub car park. The garden is a blend of purposeful areas that feel like natural openings, connected by meandering trails. Through the combination of local materials and a celestial geometric pattern, the […]

Woodland Terrace

Stone trough

Brighton, East Sussex “A rustic, reimagined lost dwelling in the woods” was the brief we created with our lovely client, for this project.   Through the combination of local timber, reclaimed materials and woodland planting, we created a comfortable space with a distinctive sense of place and a universal sense of nature. Gallery A tranquil, […]

Inside-outside living space

Lindfield, West Sussex Locally sourced Sweet chestnut, Oak and Douglas fir make up the structure of this woodland-modern style living space and kitchen.  The property is a cleverly designed new home, with an open plan layout but was in need of something beautiful outside; to extend the living space into the garden.  We designed an […]

Meandering Meadow

Meandering Meadow Garden

Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex A long, narrow, north facing garden in this beautiful Victorian property. The position of a mature Silver Birch (Betula pendula), encouraged a curved shape to the garden, creating borders and seating areas to kick back and enjoy the dappled light. The meandering lines, enhanced by the meadow banks within the lawn, draws […]

Woodland Glade

Woodland Glade Brighton, East Sussex The garden of this Victorian terraced property had been completely neglected. It did however, have some mature fruit trees and a pleasant woodland feel, with pools of light throughout the day. We created a woodland glade style garden. Raised beds from locally sourced larch to enclose the central lawn, a […]

Resource-led Design

Sustainable and durable Working with the materials that are locally available and sustainable, is a win-win. It’s good for the planet and it will look and feel like it belongs in your garden – creating a sense of place and a connection to the land. Here are some examples of locally sourced materials that we’ve […]

Homes in the Wild

Our philosophy Landscape design is an ambient art form, inspired by the sensory experience of nature. Every design is an attempt to capture and intensify, the magic of wild landscapes.  The pictures in this post are from Angkor Wat, a 12th Century Hindu-Buddist temple, in Cambodia. It was time spent here and in other lost […]

Something for Everyone

Finding the balance A successful design is a balance between the atmospheric elements (such as planting and wildlife) and the varying needs of all the members of the household. The children need space to play and nooks and crannies to explore. The adults want areas to relax and socialise and an inside-outside flow to the […]

Seeing the Light

Designing to place Beautiful gardens owe their success to the unity they achieve with the surrounding landscape. In this instance, mature, broadleaf trees surrounded the outside walls of the garden; creating a woodland feel and interesting pools of light at ground level.  The most interesting woodland spaces are nearly always in an opening, where the […]


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