(latin; adjective)


Existing in a natural state.



The earth’s surface.


To bring into a particular place or condition.

Feraland is a Sussex based, garden design and antiques company, with a local network of craftspeople. We design and build beautiful, biodiverse gardens from local materials, that are good for the earth and good for your soul.


Homes in the wild is our design philosophy. It represents the environmental impact we want to have and the ambience we aim to create.

We believe a garden is where we reflect our relationship to the wild. It is a place where we can magnify the ambience of our favourite natural places, and put our home right in the middle of them.


Feraland is a family company, owned and run by Pete and Jasmine McGarr.

Pete is a qualified landscape designer and merges 20 years of applied experience in the creative process, with a knowledge of local resources and a love of wild landscapes. 

Jasmine leads the garden antiques side of Feraland, which sources and recovers artefacts from across Europe. 


You can return your items within 14 days of receiving your goods, please fill out the form below, detailing your reason for return.

Customers are responsible for the delivery cost of returning items to us. Products must be returned in the condition they were dispatched (as photographed on our website).

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